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Summer 2013

Mr D & Mrs C Lawrence
Due to us sadly losing our Bengal cat we wished to get another to be a companion for our 6 year old cat Holly. My wife searched on the internet and found a website called WijldeStroim Bengals and started communications with the owners of the site, the testimonials and information on the site were outstanding so we were happy to get a kitten from them.

My wife made the trip across the Irish sea from the Isle of Man and went to see the kittens, she was very impressed with the surroundings in which the cats were bred and brought up in, consequently she was chosen by a little boy called HAPPY and so he came home with her. Not to be outdone his Cousin SILKY SUE decided she also would like to live with us, so the following week she too made the trip to the island. The advice and help Averil and Dean gave us is second to none and their love and care of the kittens is reflected in the way the kittens have settled in so beautifully with us and all three get on splendidly

……………So we would wholeheartedly recommend getting your beautiful Bengals from them.

Christine & Dave with Happy & Sue

Testimonial from Christine & Dave