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A word about our pricing......
When a very caring breeder asks a fair price for a kitten, don't assume he/she is asking that price
to take a trip to Paris or a second home in another country.  Chances are, they are trying to
pay off their vet bills, and not go into bankruptcy doing it.  
We do not offer “cheap” Bengals for sale. All our cat and kittens are fully registered and genuine Bengals. We are aware that you can get “cheaper” kittens but we can evidence the breeding and pedigrees of our kittens, along with their health and well-being. All our kittens are registered with TICA and their ancestry can be proven.  If you still find our pricing to be more than you bargained for, please consider the costs involved in providing such exquisite, healthy and happy kittens. Please read on for more information.

Our Prices
Our prices start from £400 (pets). If you have your eye on a well marked kitten, its likely so do we, and possibly other like minded breeders. For these, you should expect to pay a higher price. Have a look around at “cheaper” bengals, and compare their quality and support offering before you contact them. We are very comfortable with you seeing other kittens, and have no difficulty finding homes for our own. If you are in doubt, check out our testimonials.The better the markings and quality, the higher the price. We take care to discuss in full with you the purchase of one of our kittens and we do not  give you a heavy sell. We want you to be comfortable with your choice of both us and the kittens, and will encourage you to think first. Once you are happy with your decision, we take a deposit. Deposits are non-refundable as they go towards their veterinary expenses and high quality food and milk for them to be raised healthy. This does not usually pose any issues fro our customers, as we have been very lucky in that all of our “family” of customers have carefully considered their commitment before paying the deposit.

About our Waiting List
Due to the high demand for our kittens, we sometimes have to keep a waiting list for our beautiful Bengals. We may have available kittens, so please contact us for an update. If you would like to be added to the waiting list, please send us your details either via email or call us with your preferred colours, sex etc.
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For a quality breeding queen that will actually produce, we have paid between £1000 and £2000.  A quality male
kitten will cost over £1500 (usually £2000 - £3000).  
The more cats you have, the more health issues you will have also.  A cats’ immune system, evolved with them being solitary creatures, meeting only to breed.  We have changed this equation by housing multiple cats together and as a result, veterinary bills are a constant expense.  
I have had litters which were delivered by C-Section at over £1,100 each.  A stud fee, on average, is the same as a price as that of a kitten. That is IF and WHEN you can find someone willing to do it.  (because of the health risks)
Now that you have purchased your cats, you must feed and take care of them until they are a year old, old enough to breed.  You must use a quality food (£75-90 per bag) and quality litter (£8/wk, per cat) or again, you will have more health problems.  The litter must be completely changed out weekly and litter boxes sterilised/disinfected, or..... yes, you will have parasite problems.
Bengal Queens usually have smaller litters and single kittens are not a rare occurrence.  2 kitten litters we consider average and more than that we count our blessings.  It is not uncommon for a female to have breeding, birthing or raising issues.  I have had queens that never went into labour, had no milk, didn't want to be a mum and refused their kittens, not to mention those problems mother nature likes to throw at us from time to time.  All of this means, again, more vet bills and lots of sleepless nights.  
We routinely must check our cats for worms or parasites at about £35 per test. We use Stronghold for fleas.  Any cat coming or going must be checked for Feline Leukemia, Feline Aids and FIP.  These tests are around £150 per cat or kitten.  Testing for Tri-Trichamonas Foetus is around £85 per cat.  Checking for eye problems is around £35 per cat and heart screenings are more than another £1000 per cat.  
The only real way to make money breeding kittens is to do it with minimal vet services, less care & supervision,in small cages one on top of the other, usually in squalor.  Thankfully,  I don't know of anyone who could stand this idea.  
We do this for the love of the animals and to see them go to wonderful families in loving homes, FULL STOP.  We want other people to be able to experience what we do in sharing our lives with these wonderful cats.  After all, it is a gift you make to yourself that just keeps on giving for many years.  Where else are you going to get that?

Pricing Policy

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