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We have had Tinkerbell home with us for four weeks now. Every day  has been a delight, watching her  play, learn, sleep and grow. She has climbed the curtains, tested the bath water, sat on every chair and  chased anything that moved. In between she has had long sleeps on her bed and ours. She is growing into a fine cat who owns the house the garden and us!
Tinker came with all the neccesary paperwork completed and veterinary care recorded in her booklet. She also brought with her some food, insurance and a couple of toys. She must have known she had a long journey! But she travel;led very well and has already adapted to a harness and lead.
She is an attractive cat and is admired by everyone  who sees her. Her markings  are clear and dark and  her pelt glows and glitters in the sunlight. She is amazingly  agile and still has large feet to grow into.

We cannot recommend Averil & Dean highly enough. They demonstrated at all times the highest levels of professionalism. Their care and attention to detail produces delightful, happy and healthy kittens. Their cats and kittens are loved and it shows in their personalities.

WijldeStoirm is the best place to get a Bengal

With best wishes & many thanks
Gillian & Dave

Gillian &Dave with Tinkerbell

Testimonial from Gillian &Dave with Tinkerbell