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Good morning Averil & Dean

Hope you had a lovely weekend

Well.... Apologies for not contacting you sooner,....we’ve had a very busy weekend!

We got home about 7:30pm on Friday and in all honesty I think Snowdrop was thinking what had
she arrived into! She had full ownership of the summer room, and spent most of the time on one
of the dining room chairs or under the setee...much to Saskia’s disgust! We stayed with her until
about 11pm then left her til morning.

Saturday - was the day of Lydia’s party so she was moved upstairs to a spare bedroom, with
her own double bed and colour TV! She spent the afternoon watching The out of Towners with
Jack Lemmon!
The girls made a sign for the door and only permitted friends to look at her! Thankfully, we all survived the day!

Saturday evening and yesterday she really came into her own and we started to see characteristics of her ancestors! She was WILDE!
She has really come out of her shell and was purring like a steam train! We await the arrival of Tiffany on Friday-Sunday

Thanks again for this bundle of joy.....keep in touch......willl send photos

Love Faye, Bob, Lydia & Saskia

Faye & Family with Snowdrop

Testimonial from Faye, Family with Snowdrop