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Welcome to WijldeStoirm. We hope, now that you have found us, you are seriously considering adding a new friend to your family! We have a lot to tell you about Bengals
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Bengals have some unique and
curious characteristics which you
may find addictive! They love water,
and will dominate your space
Whenever you have a tap turned on.
They will play fetch with you, and
generally be fun and entertaining to
be around. Sometimes one is  not enough, and like us you may find yourself wanting to share your life with more than one little critter.

Bengals do not just have fur but they have more of a pelt. This is a lovely velvet soft coat that comes directly from their wild ancestors.  Often their pelt comes with a glittered look, which  looks just like someone has sprinkled handfuls of glitter (fairy dust) all over the coat. This is a very desirable feature in a Bengal cat, and you will enjoy simply stroking them.
If you would like to see some for yourself,
please give us a call and we will be happy to
accommodate you.

Averil & Dean

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We have welcomed a very special new stud boy for 2013. Geolynz Titan of WijldeStoirm (Kipper)

Thanks to Lynda &

Geoff for a stunning boy!

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Kipper’s first progeny!

Our kittens are usually reserved before
we can advertise,
so please contact us
as  soon as possible
if you are looking
for a quality genuine pedigree bengal
Juniors available
We occasionally have youngsters or retiring adults available only to special loving homes. Click here to email us for current availability
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Today's Miews

January 2014

** International Shipping Available **

! We saved the best for last !

We have one young boy available, and he is of the highest quality. Spotters is available as a stud boy on the active or as the highest quality pet.

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This is Hari, a

Dubai Sheikh!

He currently resides with his besty, Cracker. His new lady is Latifah, in the pictures below - Thanks to Ken, Evelyn  & Pippa for allowing me to visit them all!

WijldeStoirm Bengals (Wild Storm)

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