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Accessories for your newbie

We aren’t a shop, and don’t “supply” these items. What we can do for our existing & new customers, is get your choice or essentials ready in preparation for you to collect along with your new kitten(s).  Simply select what you would like and email us. You can pay on paypal (+4%), or you can pay directly to us. Via online banking. We take payment when you place your order list.

All of the items listed here are tried and tested by us as suitable for Bengals, which are stronger and heavier than the average cats.
We have tried many different items from litter boxes, to toys, beds & trees and settled on these which offer good value and longevity, and are relatively Bengal proof! Remember, they are very, very strong, and usually need products which can cope with this, not standard cat type solutions! Sometimes, when a newer product comes along, we may substitute it and items may be different from these images here. You can see many of them actively in use around our home with all our furry family, and please feel free to discuss them with us before you buy. As a start up kit, we would recommend you purchase food, litter tray, litter, a water fountain and a cat tree.

We need you to order these 10-14 days before collection. You will get the basics in a kitten pack, a few days worth of food, balls etc, but you will need to get at least food in place before you kitten arrives.  
Carriers - Selected to be strong enough for a bengal, and with secure closure mechanism
Kitten/Cat  Carrier – Large/Adult £32.99  
Kitten Carrier – Medium  £30.00  

Litter tray with hood    £25.00
Round Litter tray,  with steps  to remove litter  £50.00(as in front room)
(This item is hard to get, allow time)
Cat Litter (biodegradable) – 10 L  £10.00  
Cat Litter (white) - 5 Kg   £  6.50

Electric Water Fountain  £29.00  

First Stage Food (3-12 Months) - 400g £ 4.50  
First Stage Food (3-12 Months) - 2 Kg £19.00

Kitten Food (6-18 Months) - 400g  £ 4.50  
Kitten Food (6-18 Months) - 2 Kg  £19.00

Adult (from 6mths) - 400g  £  4.50  
Adult (from 6 mths) - 2Kg  £14.00
Adult (from 6 mths) – 5 Kg  £29.00     

Tree - Large (~H167cm) £129.00
Tree – Medium, corner (~H126 cm) £ 75.00
Tree – Small  (~H100 cm)£ 75.00

Beds - Cave style    £19.00
Beds - Doughnut style £15.00
Beds - Plush fur   £30.00

Laser Chaser Toy   £  6.00
Fishing Rod    £22.00
Soft Footballs (3)   £  5.00

Introducing/Halloween & Bon Fire Night
Feliway Calming Spray  £22.00

All items are subject to availability. Colours/descriptions may change from those shown, or seen in our home. If you have specific colour requirements, please email us and let us know, we will do our best to accommodate you. Trees are normally square based but we can also sometimes get corner ones.

We can get in

some essentials ready for your kittens’ arrival

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