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We do take reservations for our kittens, however, the final determination of quality will not be made until the kittens are several weeks old, and showing their individual potential. We don’t deposit all the kittens, in order to preserve a selection. We now accept paypal as a means of paying your deposit. This is subject to a surcharge of 4%. Please contact us to ensure we have kitten availability - and remember, all deposits are non-refundable!

 N.B.: Balance payments must be cleared prior to collection of your Kitten/cat. Please add 4% handling
charge for all  paypal payments, and reference the name of the kitten in the reference box.  
Deposits required are: Pets - £100 (+4%), Breed Kittens - £250  (+4%)

About our pricing......
When a very caring breeder asks a fair price for a kitten, don't assume he/she is asking that price
to take a trip to Paris or a second home in another country.  Chances are, they are trying to
pay off their vet bills, and not go into bankruptcy doing it.  
If you want to know more about everything that goes into producing such wonderful kittens, and the associated risks and costs involved, please see our price policy pages. There you will get a snapshot idea of what it takes to be able to offer you such lovely creatures, and normal pedigree prices. Or you can ask us. We are happy to talk you through it!
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Deposits & Balance Payments

Balance payments need to be cleared before collecting your kitten/cat

PayPal: Buy Deposits & Balance payments