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Summer 2013

Evelyn and Ken (and Hari and Tiffy) from sunny Dubai. - Summer 2013
We are lucky to have two beautiful Wijldestoirm bengals. Hari (Kalahari Ice), a gorgeous lover boy, joined us in 2011. He is a big, bouncing playful ball of muscle. Then in September 2013 Tiffy (Precious Latifah) arrived to brighten up our lives. Tiffy is more dainty than Hari, but also more adventurous in nature and constantly has us laughing with her wonderful antics. We live in Dubai and we looked long and hard to find a suitable breeder that would provide us with beautiful cats and, equally importantly, the care and attention to detail that would make it easy to import the cats into the UAE.

Averil and Dean from Wijldestoirm proved to be an excellent choice. Averil is meticulous in her planning and she made the whole international purchase process a breeze for us. Our cats each arrived in perfect health and condition and slotted straight in. Averil keeps in regular contact to see how they are going and she has been very keen to see how well Tiffy has settled in to her new home.  

Both Hari and Tiffy are beautiful cats and a joy to have around. They possess all the adventurous charm of the best bengals and we are very pleased that we found Wijldestoirm bengals and Averil and Dean.

Evelyn & Ken with Hari & Latifah

Testimonial from Evelyn & Ken