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It was obvious that I was not simply being groomed for a sale, as they were keen to know much regarding my own circumstances, why I wanted a Bengal in particular, how much I already knew about cats and most importantly, that I knew exactly what I was letting myself in for. This I found extremely reassuring and, in addition to seeing their beautiful, happy and well cared for animals, was as much as I needed to see in order to make the decision to buy from them.
For anyone looking to provide a loving home for one of these amazing animals, do not hesitate to contact Wijldestoirm Bengals. You will be rewarded with continuous access to expert advice when you need it and, a choice of very healthy and happy cats. Averil and Dean are everything you could possibly wish to see from caring animal breeders….......
                               ........and a whole lot more.

    Tony Williams - Proud and grateful owner of two
Wijldestoirm Bengals
The days following the re-homing of Phoenix saw Averil and myself exchange many e-mails and telephone calls. She was always there to answer my (many) questions, put my mind at ease and offer her expert advice whenever I needed it. Suffice to say, Phoenix has now taken ownership of my home, although he does allow me to lodge with him providing I continually provide his food. I have subsequently been back to Wijldestoirm for a second male Bengal which is another story but once again, a huge testament to the kindness shown by Averil and Dean, both to their animals and their clients.
The content of the extremely professional contract that was subsequently drawn up, Once again highlighted Averil
and Dean’s concern for their cats welfare. Not only was I committing to the sale by signing it, I was also committing to a list of Averiland Dean’s (very reasonable and understandable) requirements once the cat had been re-homed. Once again, I found this very reassuring.
Being relatively new to the Bengal breed, two pieces of advice I would give to anyone thinking of owning one of these wonderful animals are these: Firstly, do not enter into the world of Bengal’s without first giving it a lot of serious thought – Bengals are not your average domesticated cat, they live by a slightly different set of rules and therefore require a slightly different approach in order to care for them properly. Secondly, seek out a reputable breeder who puts sole priority on the welfare of their animals and, who are willing tooffer their honest advice before, during and after the selection, and re-homing process.

If you are reading this then you are well on your way to success with Bengal’s. Averil and Dean at Wijldestoirm Bengal’s are a wealth of knowledge on the breed and, are an invaluable source of information and advice.
The re-homing process was extremely straightforward. Averil and Dean ensured I had everything in place before they would release the cat to me. They even ordered a bulk pack of their recommended food and provided me with some of their cats’ favourite toys to help the settling in process. The relevant paperwork, vaccination and vets records were professionally presented in a neat little wallet and after some final transit advice, I was good to go.
The answers I provided to both Dean and Averil’s questions formed the  basis of their recommendation as to what age/temperament of cat would be suitable for me, both as an individual and taking into account my living  circumstances, work commitments etc.

Tony, with Phe & Schmitten

Testimonial from Tony, Schmitten & Phoenix

I was introduced to some of their junior cats in a very quiet, calm and controlled manner so as not to place any unnecessary stress on the animals. The cats were introduced individually and, Averil/Dean advised on their behavioural characteristics, demeanours and, what to expect from them as a pet. After some deliberation, I finally settled on a very handsome junior marbled Bengal called Phoenix, an extremely friendly and playful cat that adored being picked up and cuddled.

I found Wijldestoirm after conducting a search on the internet, they were listed on the ‘Bengal kitten list’ website and were the first (and only) contact I took from the site. I e-mailed them immediately expressing my desire to find a suitable young cat that could be re-homed as a pet, Averil replied very promptly with an invite to their home for an informal chat and to meet their cats. From the first minute of meeting Averil and Dean, it was very clear that they had totally given over their home to their cats and that they were extremely dedicated to ensuring the wellbeing of their animals. Both Averil and Dean were more than happy to answer all my initial queries and, were very honest with their answers. handsome junior marbled Bengal called Phoenix, an extremely friendly and playful cat that adored being picked up and cuddled.