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When the day came to bring Neo home we were also provided with more essential advice, documents, medical records and goodies (kitten pack etc). During the first few weeks at home we still  exchanged telephone calls, texts and e-mail to fully ensure that  the settling in process was going well. I personally found this a very valuable experience, and was greatly appreciative of this support - it shows they  really do care about the kittens and their future well being.

Neo (Jackadam) is a beautiful Bengal cat with a lovely personality and buckets of character. Having been handled a lot as a kitten (by Averil & Dean) he is very affectionate and loves to be picked up and to sit across our shoulders (purring down our ears). He is at his happiest curled up in a lap or at the foot of one of our beds (and has even been found sleeping under a duvet). His markings are stunning (as we were told they would be) and all the other predicted personality traits were absolutely spot on­ they really know their cats and what their breeding programme puts in to their kittens.

I would like to share with any potential Bengal purchaser out there the wonderful experience that my family and I experienced in selecting, and purchasing, our male Bengal called Neo (Jakadam). The first thing to note is the very friendly welcome we received into the home of Averil and Dean. We were made to feel very much at home and were introduced to all their beautiful Bengals. After meeting the "grown ups"  and being shown who were the Dams and Sires we were then shown the kittens.
This was done very sensitively so as not to upset the mother
/kitten bonding process and respecting necessary hygiene
requirements in handling non vaccinated kittens. The hardest j
ob for us was to choose one - they were all absolutely beautiful! As we already owned a female Bengal we were looking for a male kitten but even with narrowed criteria the decision was still a tough one. Averil and Dean advised us (without any pressure) on likely temperaments (based on the kitten's parents) and how the kitten's markings would develop during their growth period. Once we had decided on a kitten (although I think in the end it was more like he decided on us) the process was managed very professionally with a contractual arrangement (plus deposit) being exchanged. We were welcomed back many times to visit our Bengal kitten before the day that we brought him home. On every visit, and in many e-mails in between, we were involved in information/advice sharing and progress updates which we found very reassuring.
I would recommend to anyone who was looking to purchase a Bengal kitten to contact Averil at WijldeStoirm and talk through your requirements. She really knows a lot about this breed, and has a stunning collection of her own, and her help and advice in our experience was of enormous value and as a result we now have a beautiful Bengal cat which is a perfect fit in our family (both human and feline). I would (and have been) recommending WijldeStoirm to anyone looking for a Bengal kitten (or cat). This breed is not for everyone - they are a special breed and require special consideration before making the investment and taking the step to let one in to your life. However, having already taken this step and now being the proud owner of two fabulous Bengal cats - I must warn you - one is never enough!! They are amazing animals full of personality and with a real look of the wild - what more could any cat lover want.


Helen & Family with Neo

Testimonial from Helen, Family & Neo