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Retired Queens & Sires
Jax is a super sweet, very well rosetted boy out of Magic & Merlin. He shows arrow heads like his mum and he has his dad’s structure and temperament. As a stud boy, he is clean like his dad, and very loving. We aim to mate him with Precious later this year when they are both ready
Kipper is  our fabulous new stud boy, from Lynda & Geoff at Geolynz bengals. Kips is a happy soul, with fabulous personality to go with his stunning good looks. He has already started mating, and his first kittens have arrived in June 13
Coming soon is our other new boy, Bonesy! He is a home grown super sweet, silver rosetted boy. He is soft and chilled with cat-ittude. He recently has doubled in size in a growth spurt, and is really growing into a fabulous boy. Rock on!

Studs - All Retired