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Magic has the grace & elegance of a leopard. She produced many fabulous kittens for us, and also fostered others when their own mum couldn’t, She has lovely dark coat with excellently contrasted spots and arrowheads which she often gave to her kittens. She now loves with us as a surrogate mum when the

These are some of our stars, our retired adults.

Angel is just amazing! Having taken all of Shai & Magic’s best features, she is another stunning girl. Angel now lives with Lauren in the south of England, and is a much loved pet

Our much loved parents & grandparents

Shai (shy) is an amazing boy, and he lives up to his name of a god of fate & destiny. He shows fabulous rosettes, puffed whiskers and rufus colouring. We have had some gorgeous kittens from him, and now he is companion to Cherokee as a pet boy.