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Peanut takes over from our retired mum, Magic. She is sooo like her mum in looks, we sometimes have to look twice ourselves at her! Peanut is lighter than her mum, and has rufus colouring and large rosettes. Green eyes and glitter.  She has successfully given us some lovely kittens, and we are looking forward to seeing what she does with our new studly man, Kipper!
The second of our two new girls.  Pixie is a wee scamp! She has loads of personality and is a cheeky monkey! We call her the “kidder” as she pretends to be pregnant, but has recently give us two stunning boys. One is available now (Sept 2013), and the other is on eval with us, as a potential new boy for this year.

Dilly is our new home grown girl for 2013. Wonderfully rosetted, with all of  her grandmothers’ leaness and sleek pelt.  Already bestest mates with our new stud boy, Kipper, and their very first kittens are indeed stunners, like mum and dad. Dilly comes from magic & Peanut, so has some strong lines to hold up in 2013 and beyond
Jewel is one of our two newest girls .Jewel shows a fabulous gentle personality, and wonderful markings. She is shy to start and hasn’t yet found her modelling pose! She has already given us two litters, her most recent being available now (Sept 2013)

Thanks to Lynda & Geoff for a lovely girl

The Harem

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