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Geolynz Titan of WijldeStoirm (Kipper)
WijldeStoirm Seraphym (Delilah)
D.O.B.: 26.06.13

Marley - Marble, (MN)

Marley is a stunning marble boy, who takes after his sire and is HUGE! His personality matches
his size, and is big, open and very loving. He has wonderful markings with a thick heavy tail.
As he is now six months old, we have had him neutered, so he is available as a family pet.
If you have never seen a marble in person, you won’t know just how super velvety
their pelt is. Check out the marble leopard images on our web pages .

Sir Spots a Lot - Rosetted (M)
Spotters is also available as a high quality family pet

Spotters is just like his brother, and the pair are actually still together. They are of course best friends, along with a reserved boy with us. Spotters has a stunning rosetted pelt, with large open rosettes on a pale
rufus background. He has wonderful markings, great structure, a good head showing balanced ears.
He has an amazing face and has again taken after his sire and is growing fast. He will be a very big
bengal, and will make a super stud due to his sweet cuddly nature. We would prefer him to either
go as a stud, or perhaps to trade with a female of similar high standard marking and ancestry.
Please contact us also if you are keen on having the best of bengals as a family pet.
These kittens are available for viewing and ready to go to their new homes very soon.

If you are interested in these kittens, please email or call us for details.
All our kittens are born in our home, and are fully socialised.
They are litter trained, vaccinated and are TICA registered. They come to you at 13 weeks old,with four weeks Pet Plan insurance, a four generation pedigree, and contract.

A pet carrier will be required for collecting your new family member.

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If you would like to discuss having a kitten please contact us either by telephone or via email:
Tel: 07793 212 101

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