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There are a few traditional variations to the Bengal coat, here are some of them.


Spotted - They must be random, or horizontally aligned.  There must be spots on the torso, tummy and legs.  It is desirable to have rosettes (showing two distinct colours) a little like a two colour doughnut., although they can also show half moon shaped and the desirable arrowheads or paws.  

Marble - Horizontal markings, swirls down the side of the cat.  The pattern should be random.  Vertical striping is undesirable.  Belly once again must be spotted. Many people opt out of the marble cat, however, these are super-soft pelts, and very beautiful to look at both on the bengal and on the wild leopards (see photos over)

Brown (Spotted)
Also known as Leopard Spotted and some colour variations such as “rufous”.

Seal Lynx
This is for all the blue eyed (BLU-E) Snow Bengals. Born mostly white, with very light almost invisible markings. They take upto 19 months to reach their full colour & markings potential.

Snow  (Seal Sepia)
Preferable with distinctive blue eyes, however also with green or gold coloured eyes. (“Any Other Coloured” - AOC)

Silver background with black/brown spots (Very popular in the USA). Have a slightly rougher texture to their coats. Often with some brown “staining” which comes from the mixture of brown and silver genes              

These are black markings on a black background, some breeders call them "Pantherettes"

Since we started our breeding program, there are many new colours coming through. However, we have preferred to stick with the colours coming in from the wild originals, which are closer to the leopard and bengal, rather than other breeds of cats.  If you , like us, prefer to have that “little leopard in your front room”,you have found the right place!

Colours & Patterns

Bengal Pelts

Brown Spotted Pelts

Marble Examples

Marble pelts

Marley - 09/13



Snow Spotted pelt

Rosetted pelts