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Retiring Juniors & Adults

We are currently considering retiring one or more adults. If you are interested in providing a forever home for one of our family, please email us or telephone to discuss this.

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Adult Policy
We usually only charge a nominal amount for a
retiring adult, in the region of £200-£250. This demonstrates your commitment to your new family member, and also helps towards the costs of neutering
and paperwork.  Our cats will be neutered before they
leave us, and will be held for a few weeks to get their hormones out of their systems. We reserve the right of refusal, but this is on the basis of a match for the adult/junior cat. We aim to have a home for the rest
of their lives, and a good match is essential to that.
Please trust us in that we know our cats very well,
they are loved very much by us, and we will discuss
with you if you are getting a good personality
match for you.

Kitten Policy
 All our kittens and juniors are born in our home, and are fully socialised. They are  litter trained, vaccinated and are
TICA (or GCCF) registered. They come to you at 13 weeks old,with six weeks insurance, a four generation pedigree, kitten starter pack,  and a contract. A pet carrier will be required for collecting your new family member.
We do not offer “cheap” Bengals for sale.  All our cat and kittens are fully registered and genuine Bengals. All our animals receive the best possible care and attention irrespective of the costs involved. If you are willing to buy a cheap Bengal, please consider where that person has cut their costs. A kitten that costs less in the beginning, may actually cost you a great deal more in the long run (vet bills for example). We are a small breeder of Bengals - not a large business - and we are proud to offer superb quality kittens from champion lines which come to you home reared, healthy, happy, confident and in excellent condition. We provide them with the best diet, worming, flea treatment, vaccines, registration, parents and housing. Please consider these factors before deciding on where to get your kitten.
Due to the demand for our kittens, we sometimes have to keep a waiting list for our beautiful Bengals. We may have available kittens, so please contact us for an update. If you would like to be added to the waiting list, please send us your details either via email or call us with your preferred colours etc.

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We do take reservations for our kittens, however, the final determination of quality will not be made until the kittens are several weeks old, and showing their individual potential.

Deposits are £100 for a pet kitten, and £250 for breed/show kittens.  Prices start from £400 (pets). Deposits are non-refundable as they go towards their veterinary expenses.

Adults & Retiring Soon

Adult Cats

Prices & Deposits